Dec 22, 2008


These last two week have flown by, and between trying to finish up the album, and preparing the goods for my grad school apps, we have had time for little else. Although I did get all my christmas shopping taken care of in an extended lunch hour last week, I was a little nervous about that not getting done, but I'm in the clear. 

So this is awesome... K picked me up from work for lunch on Friday and after a delicious meal at Orlando's (one of my personal favorites, we at there 3 times last week... no kidding) he took me to best buy and got me an iphone for christmas.... I was SO surprised.... and overwhelmed... and super super excited... and I must admit that I am now in love with a phone. It might be a bit extravagant, but I am already convinced of it's wonderfull-ness in my life. I, brandi p, am a closet tech junkie, there... i said it.

Here are a couple of images from our weekend dedicated to not much more than working and eating, although the working part is not as fun to take pics of as the eating part. So starting with my first iphone self-portrait (of many I am sure), to our awesome sat morning breakfast at Montelongo's (love love LOVE coffee with chips & salsa don't knock it till ya try it). Our sunday morn Josie's breakfast with some, hotter than anything that I have ever tasted, homemade tomatillo salsa that K got at the flea market. And finally a pic by K of me playing my grandmothers pump organ on our record.


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