Dec 9, 2008

my grandaddy

My grandaddy Darrell:
• never missed a chance to have a good conversation, no matter the subject
• always had Dentyne gum in his pantry, the original kind, respectively (and always had plenty to share)
• enjoyed a good cup of coffee with a cigarette (even better if there was conversation to go with that paring)
• found pleasure in cars and maps 
• knew there was no substitute for my Namom's cinnamon rolls.

My grandaddy Darrell passed away this last weekend, and even though I know he is in a better place, it doesn't keep me from missing him. I have so many great stories of my grandaddy, but more than that, I have the memory of his personality. He was truly like no other, although I see bits and pieces of his persona in members of my family, and I am convinced that parts of my incapturable spirit comes directly down the line from him.  Nothing can come close to the wonderfulness of a grandparent, and in my eyes, he was everything that encompasses.


erl said...

my grandma recently passed away and i know the mixed feelings that are left's hard because she was very old, but her physical body was aging much more rapidly than her mind. although my grandfather had Alzheimers, so he was the exact opposite. both are hard to deal with for outsiders. it might sound trite, but it just makes me think about how death is weird. very, very weird.

Sarah Holt said...

I am so sorry. It is always something we know is going to happen, but it doesn't seem to ease the pain when someone we love dies. I bet he is having some good conversations now! There is nothing like a grandaddy. I'll be thinking of you and your family.