Dec 11, 2008

the independent voice has been snuffed in west texas

For over 47 years, KTXT 88.1 FM has been Texas Tech's student run radio station. Yesterday, with no warning, it was shut down. The director of Tech's student media department,  states that the decision was purely financial... FINANCIAL...HA! Maybe this squeeze is coming in order to fulfill the millions the university is promising the football coach to stick around. This is an OUTRAGE! This station is invaluable, it is an institution in itself, and its eradication is intolerable. The station, and the students who dedicate themselves to run it, are the sole supporters of local music. If this institution disappears, so will the music, period. As a local musician myself, this is disheartening. Although we are not the masses, there are many who appreciate what this station provides.  I believe this is not an abject cause, there are things to be done. There are numerous reasons that this station should continue it's legacy. People are banning together, you can do something to help us here in our almost culture less environment, the independent voice must be heard! Lubbock would be unbearable without 88.1. Click HERE to find out how to help.
ps- this poster was created by the ingenious Dirk Fowler


Janet said...

This is so upsetting! I joined the facebook group but am not sure what else I can do here in Georgia, far away and penniless.

brandi p said...

Thanks Girl... Ill keep ya updated.