Jan 8, 2009

the hartsfield ladies

The week before christmas I spent a blistery cold Lubbock afternoon with the Hartsfield girls. Their dad is my boss, so I have known them for about 6 years now, wow, time flies. They were so fun to photograph, and up for anything (like getting inside tractor tires) It was really intriguing to see their personalities come out in each of the photographing situations. You can see the entire gallery here.

I am slowly but surely getting over my fear of photographing people. I guess this would be my first "official" people photo shoot... I have learned that people are a lot easier to photograph when they actually WANT their pictures taken, unlike my usual "photojournalistic" style. I guess this is why, up to this point, I have stuck to buildings, old crusty things... and dogs.

Anyway, I am hoping to do more "people" shoots in the future. I actually already have 2 engagement shoots and 2 weddings booked! I am hoping to work this casually, but professionally, up until the point where I am in grad school, and then it can be my part time job! (hopefully) SO... If you know anyone who would like some photographs made of themselves, or their cousin has a baby, or their brother is getting married, or their sister is in a band or they want some beautiful images of their dog, call me! While I'm cheap!

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Sarah Holt said...

Beautiful girls! You did an awesome job of capturing them!