Jan 13, 2009

the best of 2008... in this gal's opinion anyway

So this is a big BIG deal to me, something that I seriously start considering at the beginning of the year, and is never far from my thoughts. SERIOUSLY, I guess you can say I am a tad bit obsessed. 

I was a little concerned because up until around the summertime, I had not been genuinely touched by an album, which greatly saddened me! BUT as always the late summer/fall releases came in and saved what started to be a dismal "Top 10 Albums of 2008" list. So hear it is... and know when reading this that many many hours have been spent considering what would show up on this very, very important list. 

... Well let me start with this. I am an album girl. If I want to listen to something, it has got to be something that I can listen to the entire album. So know this: if an album is on my top ten list... the entire thing is good! I am also going to add some singles that I thought were AWESOME, but maybe I did not have a chance to check out the entire album. Looking back at my choices I realize that as far as entire albums go, I generally like moody, reverb drenched or dramatic albums but when it comes to singles... it's the total opposite! HA! go figure. 
So now that you are on the edge of your seat and can not stand one more single second before you know exactly what I loved about music this year... here it is: now you can breathe again ;)

NUMERO UNO... yup Im gonna start with my favorite
1. Deerhunter, Microcastle 
(buy it and listen to it over, and over, and over, and over... then go see 'em live, you will not be disappointed) moody, reverb drenched, and dramatic!

2. Stephen Malkumus & the Jicks, Real Emotional Trash
The entire album is full of great rock tracks, the song Hopschotch Willie, was my personal jam/mantra/song in my head for a solid MONTH. What else would you expect from Stephen (of pavement) and btw: the Jicks drummer is Janet Weiss (of Quasi & Sleater-Kinney)
3. The Raveonettes, Lust Lust Lust
again dramatic and reverb drenched awesomeness, The album makes me want to put on boots and dark sunglasses and walk, with attitude, down the streets of New York City (I don't know, it just does) AND on top of that... their appearance on Conan is what inspired me to force Jana to play drums with the Diamond Center.  
4. Black Mountain, In the Future
This is one of those albums that I fell in love with early in the year. Moody & dramatic, it reminded me of the Jesus and Mary Chain, which is always good. PLUS they have a tambourine playin' female vocalist that makes some Yoko-ish hollers come out, which is just cool. 
5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Dig Lazurus Dig
Moody and dramatic, I am semi-obsessed with Nick Cave and this album is awesome! 
6. My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges
OK... so Jim James does sing about a peanut-butter & Jelly in a falsetto voice, WHATEVER! this album is my guilty pleasure and the first one that I put on when I am home alone, and no one is there to judge me (j.k. HA) I am not a HUGE My Morning Jacket fan so I think that I can appreciate some of the chances that they took with this album.
7. King Kahn & the Shrines, The Supreme Genius of King Kahn & the Shrines
Part of the reason that I love this album is because of King Khan and his over-the-top personality. At the beginning of the summer there was all this festival footage coming out showcasing his outlandish antics... and I fell in love. PLUS, the songs are great, and it sounds like old music ( which is another of my likes ) AND there is a song where he talks about his baby being "Fat & Ugly... but he loves her anyway" now how can you resist that!

8. Vivian Girls. Vivian Girls
This Brooklyn, all girl, trio embraces the moody, and revebed sound I love... plus the songs are simple and infectious.
9. Tilly & the Wall, O
This is the first of their albums that I have gotten into, probably due to the fact that some tracks have that 60's girl group flair.... and one of the percussion sounds is the tap dancing feet of a member of the band, now that screams cool! Iv'e gotta see them live!
10. Kanye West, 808s & Heartbreak
This album probably would have ranked higher if I would have gotten it earlier in the year BUT because I got it from everyones favorite, santa, I haven't been able to spend the amount of time that I would like to with it... yet. BUT I will say this.. from the moment that I heard Love Lockdown, I knew that album would be awesome. There is this drumbeat/sound that happens throughout the album that is so deep pounding it is like it is drumming on your soul... or something like that.
side note: K bought me the 2008 Calexico album yesterday, Carried to Dust, which would have probably made it onto this list if I had gotten earlier and not taken the advice from the weary record store dude... thanks for saving it K baby!

Alrighty, now for the singles:

Kings of Leon-Sex on Fire
Brendan Canning-Hit the wall
Deptartment of Eagles-No One does it like you
Beach House-Gila
MGMT-Electric Eel

Santogold-Lights Out
Marnie Stern-Ruler

The Ting Tings-That's not my name
Fleet Foxes-White Winter Hymnal
Wow... well that's that. What in the world would I do if I had no music to obsess over?

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