Jan 28, 2009

On our quest for beer...

and after taking a wrong turn, we happened upon this scene. I insisted Mr. Harris stop the car in the ice and snow for me to get out and shoot it. I didn't find out just what kind of School of Art the sign points to... for another less icy day perhaps. The school bus pulling to the intersection was purely serendipitous!

THEN... we found THIS behind our new favorite beer store, which is named "ENDZONE", but we will forgive them for that because they were very nice, and we were looking for an alternative to the "strip" anyhow! 

side note: For those not familiar with Lubbock alcohol laws, you can't buy inside the city limits SO there are a string of package stores (which they do not call them here, but do in Georgia and possibly other places?) RIGHT outside of the city limits commonly known as the "strip". It always amazes visitors because the stores are adorned with flashing lights and neon, and it looks like a little West Texas Vegas... really. It could be amusing once or twice BUT they overcharge for everything AND you have to drive so far just for a 6-pack. Oh Lubbock..... btw: Lubbock is the largest city in the US that is still dry. Im SO over it!

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kd-m said...

Oh man...I can't say that i miss the strip...But these photos are super beautiful and nostalgic and I suddenly find myself... missing the strip!??!

gotta love pulling over the car for the perfect west texas shot! cheers!