Jan 28, 2009


I day dream about sundresses... and that's one of the ways I cope with the Jan/Feb winter blues.
I am blog obsessed, and find the most mundane things interesting.
I HATE washing my hands. Don't get me wrong, I love clean hands but since I live in a VERY dry climate, it makes them so dry and cracky.... BUT I partake in the ritual because I care about public health, and slather on lotion at least 50 times daily... I drink lots of water : )
I (subconsciously) wear something green almost EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I just discovered that I do this and is most easily accomplished with my favorite green scarf, favorite green cardigan, or favorite green lacy tank. hmmmmm.
• When on vacation, I like to take pictures of myself in bathroom mirrors. As you can see in this one taken on Alcatraz this summer, I am wearing my favorite green scarf, HA!

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