Jan 27, 2009


For a while now me and mr. K baby Harris have been making a conscious effort to eat good & healthy food. Making good choices is a daily battle BUT it gets easier and easier day by day. This is what fueled our decision to be, or attempt to be, vegetarians AND helps us eat lots & lots of veggies, which is just plain good for ya anyway! This is not to say that every once in a while we wont splurge on some McDonald's french fries (which is something that I did this past weekend) BUT, we are usually pretty good.
SO... I thought I would share our FAVORITE recent meal. It's TOTALLY yummy, easy to prepare... and vegan to boot!

Steamed Cabbage (packs more nutrition than lettuce)
Corn (one of my favorite veggies, we use the sweet white frozen kernels)
Fantastic Foods Veggie Taco Filling (this stuff, and everything from FF is the BOMB!)
Shredded Soy Cheese (which is actually tasty, and SO SO much better for you than it's traditional component)
& a twist of LIME!

Just try it! Tell me what you think! AND the bonus: this whole meal AND a glass of Light Soy Milk (another obsession of mine) is less than 500 calories!!!!
no animals were harmed or scary growth hormone chemicals consumed for the enjoyment of this meal.

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