Mar 19, 2009

cousin Dale's place

That is my second-cousin, Dale, on the far left. Dale is a collector of sorts. He collects any and everything, with his treasures displayed inside an old building in town, and then on his 42 acre piece of property where he lives near Holdenville, Oklahoma. I have heard of his collection thru others in my family, but this was the first time to witness it, and WOW... as my dad would say, "he's got some good junk!" Dale is a quiet and reserved man but in his element, around his collections,  his personality comes to life. He can tell you a story about EVERY single piece that he has, and they are often times funny.  Check out the other images here!


Sarah Holt said...

I just checked out your myspace up coming shows list. Dang Girl! You are playing everywhere! Sorry we missed you the last few times you were here... I can't wait to hear your new album live!

Ruben Castillo said...

i really like theses ones i need you blog skills yours looks cooler than mine

cristy cross said...

Are you serious?? This place is awesome. Lots of fun photo opts here.