Mar 17, 2009

confession... 365 days of bp

YEEAA! my blog celebrated a year last Thurs. and while I was somewhat absent of creating some kind of year anniversary spectacular... I though that I would at least mention it. I have truly enjoyed having this online journal of sorts, and I plan to keep it up if for no one else but myself... and Kyle (because as I have mentioned before, I make him read it) smile!
Around the same time I started my blog, I cut my hair, and after a convo with my most awesome co-worker (at the time) Sarah, I thought it would be interesting to use this ol'e Photo Booth contraption I have here on my imac at work to document a year of my work days... so I did it!
For your viewing pleasure... the end result! (Im probably breaking some kind of copyright law here... hmmm)


kd-m said...

this. is. awesome!
My husband and I were going to take a photo of the skyline out of our window every day... that lasted about a week. bummer!

Sarah Holt said...


Thomas said, "she likes green" :)