Mar 16, 2009

livin' for the weekend

I love bloggin'... but I was really bad at it last week, and after a week when I was really on top of it, and with no good excuses either, that and knowing that the weight of the world basically rests on whether I blog or not, I should be ashamed of myself. HA!
We had an awesome AWESOME long weekend and a mini-tour with some of our friends from Athens. My band, the Diamond Center played a couple of shows with Madeline and the White Flag Band, and Ham 1 in Denton, Ft. Worth & Austin.  This included the opportunity to hang out for 3 days with 8 AMAZING & interesting people, including one mr. Jim Wilson who is one of mine and Kyle's favorite people on earth... and play music, I don't think it can get much better than that. Weird fact... there were 6 people (out of 12) with names starting with the letter J with us. (Jeff, Jason, Jana, Jacob, and 2 Jim's!)
I'll have some images of our escapades later BUT here are a couple of weekend selections of random iphone gatherings. 

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