Mar 9, 2009

well hellllloooo monday, nice to see ya!

Our dog Cotton a.k.a bobo-buddy-butt-face (as his name has now warped into) has an issue with sleep crying... and ever so often will flip his feet around, but nothing like poor little Bizkit here. I laughed out loud at this one... and now I am chuckling again just thinking about it! Hmmm ha! It's good for a monday smile at least.

p.s. please do not worry about us offending our Cotton by calling him "bobo-buddy-butt-face" he, as many know, is deaf, and as long as we say it with a smile on our faces, and love him as much as we do, its all the same to him!

p.p.s I found this on one of my favorite blogs, a cup of Jo... check it out!

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Sarah Holt said...

oh poor baby bumped his head! Oh what would do if we had to stick to one name for our furry buddies. Ours seem to evolve much in the same way...