Apr 30, 2009

Kyle & Limon

My boyfriend K, as I probably have mentioned before, is an awesome, amazing, kind, most wonderful person ( I thought I would take the opportunity to throw those in ) and he always seems to land himself with some cool jobs. Since we have been in Lubbock he has worked at a bronze foundry. He started off as a wax worker and has moved up to a mold maker, which is an incredibly skilled position. A job is a job, and in my definition of a job no matter how much you love what you do, there is always probably something else you would rather be doing, BUT that being said, I think his job is pretty cool. He has met some incredibly interesting people from the guys he works with to the artists that bring in their work to be created into bronze... they are all characters! One day last week one of his co-workers brought his rooster up to work, and Kyle just happened to have my camera in the car! Kyle took the opportunity to capture "Limon" a "bull-stag" (which means he is one year old) Kelso Rooster... Isn't he beautiful! I am amazed by the color in his feathers, and the fact that he seemed to be posing for the camera... he knows he got it!

These are some random pieces from the foundry in different stages of the process... isn't that ol'e Abe Lincoln there on the right?

This is K's BFF at work Gilbert, showing off his muscles. Kyle has learned so many priceless phrases from Gilbert. I might also mention that when he started at this job he knew little to no spanish.... now, he can tell you all sorts of interesting things! 

btw... if anyone knows anyone in Richmond VA that needs a talented mold maker, hook us up!


Taylor said...

fuck eet, que no?

kd-m said...

ooooh, that rooster is beeaautiful! Such great shots! I can't wait for one day when I can have chickens... and maybe a rooster!