May 7, 2009

on monday... I turned 30

and it was grand.
On saturday night K made me a dinner that was composed of 2 of my very favorite things... sweet potatoes, and corn. The way this man makes corn, makes me have day dreams about the stuff... If we ever have any type of eating establishment (which is one of the many things we talk about doing in the future) THIS corn will be one of the staples! After dinner K slaved away the evening and part of sunday creating my birthday cake, which was nothing less than the MOST AWESOME birthday cake EVER! I would describe it... but you just gotta see the pics below.

me at dinner showing off my lioness ring, also given to me by K. 
the good stuff... even served on the special plate, and a Corona to boot!
Yeah, that's right, my man crafted my b-day cake into a replication of my guitar, amp and big muff pedal! 
... and the original. 

Ok, so here is my 30th birthday story: On sunday, the day before my 30th, I spent the morning working/digging in the yard, then we went straight to the gym, and then to a photo shoot where I chased around 3 adorable kids for 2.5 hours, then stayed up talking to friends and eating b-day cake until 2am... so what I'm getting at, is a lot of activities that I don't usually do. When I woke up on monday, my b-day, my body hurt, BAD, I could hardly move, and I had a little cry to K... "is this what 30 feels like?"
Fortunately, K assured me that "30 is for cool people," and i was just sore from all the unfamiliar activities... turns out he was right, and now at 30 and 3 days I feel great! But dang that 30 was a doozy!


Anonymous said...

daaaammnnn. Lucky lady! Congratulations.

brandi p said...

I know... thanks.

Sarah Holt said...

HOLY CRAP That is an AWESOME CAKE! I am sure the rest of it was pretty awesome as well, but, that Cake!! Really? I'm floored. Kyle, you are Fann-Tastic! So may talents.

Brandi, Happy Days After your Birthday Day... :)

Janet said...

This makes me so very happy.