Apr 22, 2009

the protest was a success

Yesterday me and eleven others stood, and held signs to help bring awareness to our community about animal abuse in the circus, and it went great! We originally set up at the front doors of the Coliseum, and within 20 mins were asked to leave the property by Ringling Bros. who, as I just found out last night, actually OWN the property during the time that they are there? Who knows? We set up within legal distance, but still had a HUGE impact. The response was pretty much split down the middle, some, while driving by would honk and give us "thumbs up" in support... others drove by, honked and gave some other, not so supportive responses. We, in turn, stood and smiled. If you would like to find out more about the documented cases of abuse in Ringling Bros., and other ways to help, click HERE. After the circus began we put down the protest signs and walked over to visit those we were there to try and protect, 3 Asian Elephants. The mood became very solemn when we saw where the getntle giants were being kept, and that they had no water, and were having to defecate in the same area they were having to stand, and until they were dressed in their "show harnesses" were shackled to the trailer and could not move more than 3ft. We stood silently and watched them... and they watched us...until again, we were asked to leave. Here are some images from the evening. 

Here is the whole group!

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kd-m said...

oh man. I totally wish I could have been there. I'm so glad it was a success though!