Apr 24, 2009

less protesting, more Van Panther...

THAT is exactly what is in line for this weekend! ( and Cotton to, of course )

I have started a new project of sorts, something that I can take on the road when we tour to sell, and hopefully generate more cash flow for gas! I will reveal more about that later BUT I though I might just show these images. This project does involve me sewing, on a machine, which is something that I haven't done since I was in 4-H in jr. high... just like riding a bike, right? And just like when I do laundry, or recycling, or just about anything else, Van Panther has to be RIGH up in it! His favorite sewing thing to play with is the pin cushion.... REALLY VAN, the pin cushion! I come home daily and find it in a new place. He has also found a new favorite place to sleep, the fabric bag. That darn cat... if he wasn't so dang cute!

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