Apr 27, 2009

weekend round-up

Although we thought we had a pretty laid back weekend planned... it really was anything but. On Friday night we went and saw 2 one act plays at a new indie theater in town... The Limelight Theater. Both plays were amazing and I am already eagerly awaiting the next production there. On Sat. I was actually on stage 4...yes that's 4 times! My band The Diamond Center played at noon for the Blue Ribbon Rally, Kyle and I played a set of all REM songs with our friend Daniel Markham, of One Wolf fame, I sang with an old friend that I haven't seen in years, Heath Tolleson, at Bash's and then to top it off Thao, and the guys of The Get Down Stay Down invited Kyle and I up on stage for a song later that night at Bash's II! woooo....
here is Heath and Me (to the left)... I guess this is usually the reaction when you haven't seen anyone in a loooooong time?

At the Blue Ribbon Rally there were so many awesome old cars and motorcycles but my favorite had to be this ART CAR.... CAMERA VAN! Check it out more HERE

I have long had a slight obsession with Art Cars since my sister and I saw our first one at the San Diego Zoo when we were little. (BTW, small side note, Jana swears up and down that she saw that first Art Car we ever saw, the one from the Zoo, in Lubbock about a week ago?) There was a community of Art Cars in Athens and I befriended a awesome artist and art car owner Chris Hubbard ( CHUB ) when I was living there. Chris' car is called the "Heaven and Hell car" and is based on his art... or his art is based on his car... which came first the chicken or the art car? Actually the first piece of art that I purchased for myself was a CHUB piece.  

ok... so that was all kind of random. How was your weekend? Spring is here people!

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