May 13, 2009

bags galore!

In 2 weeks from friday my band The Diamond Center is leaving on a 2 week tour of the East Coast and Midwest... wooo hoooo! 
Trying to think of things that we can sell on the road to generate more cash-flow for the ever-rising gas prices, I came up with the idea to make Diamond Center tote bags! Its been a blast re-connecting with the sewing machine (the last time I used it was when I was in 4-H as a youngster) AND not to mention designing the bags. I decided to use found fabric, so the bags are 99% reclaimed and recycled! (the thread is new)  I debuted the bags at our CD release show here in Lubbock last week and they were a hit! Hopefully the rest of the country will think the same.
K also has something in the works that he is creating to sell... more on that yummy surprise soon!

To see if The Diamond Center will be hitting your neck-of-the-woods, check out our tour schedule at our rockin' new site over HERE.


Janet said...

I want to buy one of these to complement my shopping tote! How much, and is it possible to buy long-distance? (Jim & I will be in NYC until June 3, so we're not going to see you in Athens!! Wah. Y'all can still crash here, though, as long as you leave us little chocolates on my pillows.)

Sarah Holt said...

Dear Lady of many talents,

Love the bags! Yeah I see another show in Austin listed. Got to get me a bag! And I am sure I will not be able to pass up what K is cookin!

brandi p said...

YEEAAAaa! I think yall will really like 'em... they are quality! (and they have a pocket inside!)

Janet, Im selling 'em for $20, and OF COURSE you can buy long distance!... just leave a 20 spot right there on your pillow and when you return from NYC it will be there waiting for ya... and some little chocolates!

Im workin' on a whole new batch right now and they are going to be righteous!

cristy cross said...

I want one of those cool bags!!

erl said...

i too would LOVE to get one of them there bags. They are adorable. And, like Janet, I will miss you guys while you're in both Athens AND Atlanta (serious tears) because I'll be in California. :....(