May 14, 2009

control is not a dirty word

When I was studying photography as an undergrad, I hated shooting in the studio. It made me anxious knowing that the image about to be produced was going to be completely under my control, totally determined on how I placed things, how I placed the light, how I approached the subject... no room for chaos, controlled... if it worked, if it didn't work, all on my shoulders, I hated this thought. 
I was totally in love with documentary style photography, coming up on a scene that has not been affected by the photographer (in theory), and showing my interpretation of the scene thru the lens. To me control was a dirty word. If you control nothing, it was not on your shoulders if it failed... I guess this is what I thought. Actually, I secretly wished that I could create in the studio, but I just could not imagine letting myself have that power.
In my life and in my work, I have learned to appreciate a little control. It's really not a dirty word, or a bad thing, actually sometimes it's within the control is where the freedom lies...   
I mean, maybe.

Ok, so that was a bit of rambling to get to show this job that I did a couple weeks ago for the School of Art... shot in the studio, and you know, I really enjoyed it. My 21 year old self would be so proud.

It was also really fun just being the photographer... not the art director, not the designer, not all three of them together, just the photographer. The school is creating a promotion brochure and the students were asked to come in to be shoot with a tool they use in creating their art. It was cool to visit with the student representing the different depts., and to check out their tools!


Sarah Holt said...

And Brandi, you did a great job! As to be expected from you. The lighting is perfect.

brandi p said...

thanks girl! that means a lot coming from you.

courtney brooke said...

Brandi! We are partners in Stacey's swap. Email me so we can exchange addresses. So stoked!!