May 26, 2009

been sewin for days!

The bags are finally finished, and they look great... if I do say so myself! This round has a little something special, a diamond stitched into every single one. You can see them all HERE

If you would like a bag and are planning to come to a show, tell me which one you like, and I will reserve it for you! (these babies are one of a kind) If you don't reside in a city that the Diamond Center will be touring thru email me, brandiprice{at}, and let me know which one you would like, and I will ship it to you!

The bags are $20 each ($22 if mailed) Made with 100% reclaimed and recycled material, they are all lined and have a pocket inside. There are two sizes the MESSENGER which is 15" x 13.3" with a 45" strap (that can be tied up if needed shorter) and the TOTE which is 14" x 15.5"

check em out! your very own diamond
lined, and a pocket to boot!

This is another hint for what K has been cookin' up to sell on tour... ill do a full post on it tomorrow! yuuuummmmyyyyyy!

This is how the bobo's are helping... jerks.


Sarah Holt said...

Looks like I will need to bring a little extra cash for tonight! I can't decide which bag I like the mostes!! I think I like the owl with his eyes closed. But the arrow is cute too, and the eagle. Grant reminds me of the bird that used to sit and squawk outside my window at work.

erl said...

i want a bag! and i'll miss you guys when you're in atlanta on monday so maybe i can send ya a check and you can mail it?