Jun 1, 2009

4 days and 1420 miles in....

and already a billion stories to tell. 

For those that are just joining, my band the Diamond Center started our tour on Friday which will take us 12 shows in 14 days starting in our home of Lubbock Tx and lead us all the way to NYC and back. I will be posting a tour blog, with tons of pics thru this whole deal starting this afternoon AND, we, as a band, will be featured word famous The Llano Idea, telling our stories from the road.

I thought I would kick this whole thing off with a couple of images from the preparatory night before we left town. We spent the majority of the evening making tags, rolling shirts, mounting labels, and constructing talismans (that was k's contribution).

and now for the big K surprise... INTRODUCING with no further delay...... (drumroll please)

My Only Companion SALSA! Kyle slaved over 2 batches of his delicious salsa to be able to bring it on the road to sell... and it's been a HIT. You MUST get some if you see us.

This is our buddy and expert t-shirt roller Taylor, who was a HUGE help in our preparation night... Thanks T-no-no, we wouldn't have made it without your mad skills. You can also see t-no-no HERE, although he's not with us for this tour, he's joined us on the road before.

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