Jun 2, 2009

lubbock to new orleans

I always attempt to be more diligent with posting when on the road... and I always fail. So here we are almost a week in and this is my first post.... please forgive. 
I have something to make up for it, I have been taking a TON of images so there will be MUCH posting, it might just be a couple days delayed. Here goes Austin to New Orleans (basically day 1 and 2)

We played our first show at the Creekside Lounge in Austin TX. It was a great show and we had LOTS of support from our local friends.  The headline band, Smoke and Feathers, had a "projectionist" which was AWESOME and something that I have seen footage of but never seen in person. Basically it was an analog video/image show straight out of the late 60s.... righteous. Here is Aaron, the projectionist on the left, the outside of the bar on right.
the projectionist

more projectionist and Creekside Live from the outside. We played with 2 other great bands, Alex Dupree and the Trap Door Band, and American Sharks.

I just have to mention here that I love, LOVE shooting in low light situations, especially with my most righteous camera. It captures images and color in such an amazing way.
This, on the left, is what it feels like in the end of the night when the van must be packed. More Creekside on the right.
On Saturday morning we woke up and left Austin by 9am... yea thats right we got out of town by 9am which is a feat to say the least, and headed to New Orleans to make a radio show by 4. Here Jana and Kyle are in the WTUL (Tulane) studio. 
Then... after the radio show in New Orleans, we headed to Frankie & Johnny's, a sweet restaurant a local pointed us to. This is the civilized side of the table... (Alan, Kelly & Jana)
... and the other side. (me, Kyle, Tim & Daniel)
the food was greasy and delicious. On the left here is Kyle's alligator soup, which the waitress referred to as "cup-A-gatar" (like cup-of-gator)... and on the right, Tim, Daniel and Alan grubbin'. (this will be a constant theme, I enjoy taking images of people as they are eating)
On the way from the eatery to the club we were playing we were directed thru a New Orleas neighborhood, and it was incredibly sobering. It has been almost 3 years since Katrina and still the evidence of her wrath is ever-present. 

Here are Tim and Daniel outside of the Hi-Ho Lounge as the sun was setting.

We played with 2 of the MOST amazing bands in New Orleans. One Man Machine opened the show, and I was emotionally moved by their performance... I STRONGLY suggest checking them out. After we played a local band called Silent Cinema played, and even though I have no images of them... they were AMAZING also. I MUST see both of these bands again.
Here is Bernard from One Man Machine, I, again, was moved to tears from his performance.
and the guys backstage before the the show from left to right... Alan, Tim, Daniel, Kyle.
...and Jana. I love, LOVE getting her making funny faces.
this is me. Jana took this one.
This is Kyle talking to our new friend Robin, who has to be one of the sweetest most genuine people that I have EVER met. He played with Bernard and One Man Machine, and he put us up for the night.
backstage at the Hi Ho Lounge.
Sunday was our last day with Jana. She had to return back home to work and away from us. We missed her INSTANTLY. Here she is on the right outside of Robin's house on Sunday morning, before we took her to the jet plane. Jana... next time you MUST be here with us for the whole time, it's not the same without you.


paperlust said...

yay for pictures! it looks like you guys are having tons of fun!!!

btw, it's just not the same around here without you...

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brandi p said...

To anonymous: I deleted your comment because it was rude. This is my personal journal, and I will not stand for verbal abuse. Go ahead and continue talking trash about me wherever you please. I can see that spreading negativity is your thing, but it will not happen here.

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kelli alison said...

hey-a cuties! i love your photos and i check a few times an hour to see if you've posted anything new. PSYCHO-FAN!!! no, truly, it was such a blast seeing you all in athens and decatur and dallas. skout sends his <3 love! miss you forever...