Jun 26, 2009

i miss my kelli P

This is us outside "Little Italy" in Athens, you can tell we are engaged in some thrilling conversation. It was so awesome to hang with her for a couple of days while we were out on tour, but now I just miss her.

Kelli P. showered us with sweet little things every time we saw her (including Jana Jr., which I will have to introduce at at later time) She gave us this little cute raccoon the second day in Decatur, and it came with instructions. It was to be placed in the van and would act as our little good luck charm, and keep us safe on the road. When the tour was over it would go to Kelly G. (you know my most awesome female partner-in-crime/merchandise slinger on tour) The last day of tour we started out in Ft. Worth on our way back up to Lubbock. Kelly G., on the other hand had to go in the exact opposite direction, all the way home to Houston. So we drove her to the bus station, and gave her a sweet goodbye, and the raccoon. Not half an hour later with no Kelly G., and no raccoon... the A/C stopped working in the van. Ouch. Maybe they were both our good luck charms, hmmmm.....

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