Jun 25, 2009

Birthday Boy

Kyle's B-day was monday... I love birthdays.

Kyle made a GIANT leap of faith when he moved to Texas with me exactly 2 years ago, I am grateful every single day for that decision. In honor of my man turning 33 years old, here are 33 things that I think are awesome about him.

1-he is always fair and kind
2-he is confident and never afraid to be himself
3-he always tells the truth
4-he is a good driver & he never makes me drive
5-he NEVER looses his temper (except sometimes driving, specifically in Lubbock)
6-if you touch the end of his nose, he can't breathe
7-he knows a billion "country" sayings that I have never heard before
8-he ALWAYS is my biggest cheerleader
9-he helps me do things I never thought I could do
10-he always pays attention to me when I need attention ( and I need a LOT of it)
11-he makes my lunch every day, with love
12-we carpool
13-he makes us awesome veggie food every single night!
14-he never prepares meat for us to eat although he likes to eat it
15-he knows how to relax
16-he has beautiful hair
17-he has a HUGE head (I think large heads are rather attractive)
18-when I have a headache, he can push it out of my head!... magic!
19-he is extremely patient
20-he loves our dog (even though he was not a dog person before he met me)
21-he taught me how to like cats
22-he washes the dishes (which is AWESOME because I have a phobia of room temp. standing water)
23-he is amazingly creative
24-he is a brilliant musician
25-he notices all the small stuff
26-he always notices big birds... and points them out to me
27-he encourages me to do things I never thought possible
28-he calls me on every work break, and ALWAYS has something interesting to tell me
29-he tells me about his dreams, and listens to mine (no matter how crazy or long)
30-he likes to snuggle
31-he enjoys brunch, and going to interesting places to eat
32-he enjoys a good thrift-store find
33-he loves me and always treats me as his #1
...and there are a billion more.

I love you Kyle, hope you had a great one!

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