Jul 8, 2009

last thrusday

oh, last thursday..... last thursday, while getting ready to go to work, I simply bent over to pick up a skirt off the floor, pinched a nerve in my back, and fell to the ground screaming in pain. I promise Im not just being dramatic, I was in HORRIBLE pain, some of the worst physical pain I have ever experienced.
I somehow, within a few hours, and with the help of K, managed to get dressed and make it to work, where I sat, drugged and in pain, finishing what needed to be finished before the 4th of July holiday. Yea, Im that dedicated!
So, that is the reason that I have no fun 4th of July images, because I spent the good part of my "holiday" weekend lying flat on my back. SUCKED! 
I don't really have the best history with the holiday...a couple of years ago my dog Zig died on the 4th of July, and for some reason that I can't even really figure out, I am not the biggest fan of fireworks. Who knows? BUT, I was going to turn it all around this year, and even though K and I decided to break the tradition of playing at my dads 4th of July Picnic (that he hosts every year) in order to do some much needed cleaning & packing (urg) I was still looking forward to hanging out with friends, havin' a few brews, and maybe even some homemade ice cream, and hell, maybe I could learn to enjoy fireworks... but no. I laid on my back for 3 days. SUCK.
So this is how I will visually entertain. These images were taken on my iphone on friday when I shuffled (which was my version of walking) up to meet K for lunch at one of our favorite lunch places FREEBIRDS. (I had friday off work, and K had monday off work? that sucked too). I, in pain, was being very cranky at K, and without me knowing what he was doing, he took a pic of me, being cranky.... and then I squished his head. That was the last time I left the house all weekend.

I guess it's only when you can't move very easily, because of shooting pain, that you realize how much you enjoy moving. 

I realized that some of my most favorite things are: 

1. taking walks 
2. dancing or spinning around just about anywhere (including, but not limited to the grocery story, because they are always playing the jams!) 
3. jumping on the bed

... all of which I have not been able to do for almost a week now, and that has bummed me out. I have a whole new respect for people with back problems, and mobility problems in general.

It is now Wed, almost a week, and I am feeling much better. I even attempted a little dance move last night while we made dinner (a move that had previously sent me shuffling to bed, crying in pain). So here's a big HIGH FIVE to the ever amazing ability for a body to heal it's self. I am grateful.

confession: I have a new addiction that I discovered while lying flat on my back. HULU.com!
THIS is the show that I have become addicted to, and coerced K into my addiction as well. We have almost finished the entire 2 seasons. I highly recommend.

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