Jul 21, 2009

thank you baby Jesus... for fried banannas

This post is purely dedicated to THIS plate of food.

The wonderfulness above is fried egg on a bed of black beans with chipotle sauce, mexican potatoes and rice... and if that was not enough... yes, those are fried bananas on the top. Heavens help me. Wrap that all up in a fresh tortilla, and I call it "divine" (and yes that is a margarita and a mimosa in front of my plate). I came to love fried bananas while living in Athens Ga. at one of the many Cuban inspired dining establishments. Two thing that I learned to love while living in the south: Collards and Fried Plantains. Now, I know that Fried Plantains are not exactly what you call "southern cusine" BUT there was a much stronger Cuban influence there than out here in West Texas, where I had never had such things.

The plate above is also what I also refered to this past weekend as "Saturday Brunch," and it was followed by an entire day of THIS:

Since stealing my boy K away from his native Georgia 2 years ago, one of the things he misses most is water. This sweet swimmin' hole in Wimberly TX, provided a temporary fix, and a nice break from the waterless environment we call home (but not for long!)

... and to top all that, we spent the weekend with THESE most wonderful people down in, what K and I refer to as, our favorite place in Texas... Austin. Tim, Angela, and I go "way back" so I was super excited when I found out (via ichat) that these two were engaged! We had to make a lighting trip down to our favorite place to visit some of our favorite people so I could shoot their engagement pics before we are very far away. cheers.


The Numerators said...

u think before u leave we could do some numerator pics done by the ever cool BRANDI??!?!?!?!

brandi p said...

but of course!

kd-m said...

ooooh... yum... !

And that swimmin' hole looks like heaven!