Jul 23, 2009


Over 6 years ago I bought a holga camera... I loved my holga camera, and took it everywhere and took pictures of EVERYTHING.
Then, when I moved to Athens, I lost my processing/scanning connection, and my obsession for my holga dwindled, and it was packed away with the rest of my camera equipment.
While cleaning out my old equipment recently.... I found the little plastic jewel, and I plan to start a new affair post haste.

We have had one outing since retrieved from the depths of my closet, I actually had it in tow while visiting my cousin Dale in Oklahoma back in Feb. Kyle had the honor shooting with it for it's return performance, BUT because I was out of practice, I did a half-ass job loading the film and thus it was not properly exposed. BUT there were 2 images that were GREAT... and some really interesting color things happening too... which is one of the best things about the holga... you never know what you're gonna get! Way to go K... promise I'll load it better next time.

p.s. when I bought my holga 6 years ago, I only paid $3..They are hard to find for under $30 now!

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