Dec 16, 2009

THE FOLKS & jana, came to see me!!!!

The first weekend in December my parents and my sister came to visit us here in Richmond! It was really great to see them, and super fun to take them to all of our favorite places. On the Friday night they arrived we (the Diamond Center) actually had a show, Soooo.... our original, and most awesome drummer, my sister, Jana rejoined us for the show! Our second drummer, Tim, had just moved to the city, and our drummer, Willis, who joins us when not on tour with his band, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, was in town as well... so you know what that means... 3 DRUMMERS!!! ...not only that but we have enlisted a local bass player, meet Will Godwin, graphic designer/illustrator/photographer/bass player extraordinaire. Fun stuff!

SO... back to the fam. We had lots of fun exploring the city, despite the snowy/rainy/cold, and kept warm with lots of good food in our bellies. On Sunday, the sun came out and we took a trip to Millie's for brunch. If ever in Richmond, eat a Millie's! Here are a couple of shots from our morning extravaganza.

I love this one of Kyle and my Dad.
Me and my most awesome sister, Jana. (Jana on the left)
Mom & Dad, a-waiting a table.
Jukebox at each table! (check it out: Thao and the Get Down Stay Down on the JUKE)... and yummy.


armand said...

holy moly, that looks like a poached egg on a salad with gravy & mashed potatoes & ... only in texas. you don't mind if I remark... I must try this place some day,,, meantime if you ever hit Lexington KY you should try Alfalfa &/or Ramseys,,,,

brandi p said...

I have always wanted to go to KY... I will look out for those two places if I ever roll thru Lexington!