Dec 6, 2009

thanksgiving in GA

I have been crazy busy trying to finish up the end of the semester. I can't believe I almost have one fourth of my MFA completed... wow, how time flies. My final review is this upcoming Thursday, which I know will be here in no time, this week is gonna be intense to say the least! My mom, dad, and sister came to the RVA to visit me this weekend, and it was awesome to see them! Now, it's back to work!
Kyle, Cotton and I traveled to Georgia for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with K's family. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Kyles grandfathers house on the main street of the small town of Dallas Georgia where K grew up. I am totally in love with this turn-of-the-century home where Bub (Kyle's grandfather) and Mick (K's uncle) live. Here are a couple of shots from the inside, and a small view of Mick's collection. I guess you could say he's a bit of a movie buff, and an avid collector.