Feb 23, 2010

missing my staples

I have been on a quest to find my go-to restaurants here in the RVA, I must admit, I find myself usually disappointed. It seems that cheap food and good food are mutually exclusive here in Richmond. Maybe hindsight is actually 20/20, but I had so many places to get nourished in my last two town of residence that were not only cheap (or cheap-ish) but DELICIOUS! So here's to missing Lubbock TX (yes I am actually admitting to missing Lubbock) and Athens GA... by way of my tummy. If you live in or will be going to either of these places, take advantage your taste buds and wallets will think you.

DISCLAIMER:for those of you who don't know me, or don't know me well, I can be incredibly frugal and often associate cheap with good.

Orlando's | home-cookin for an Italian wanna be
Burrito Tower | my mouth is waterin' there pico will burn ya... in a good way
Thai Thai | yum
Freebirds | LOVE. just discussed my love for their burritos last night to my brother who thinks Chipotle is better, I disagree
Rosa's | ahhh, no one does fast mexican food like Rosa's
Montelongo's! | AH MONTELONGO'S this is mexican food (Whitney and Kelli came to visit us in Lubbock in Jan of last year, and this was the first place we took them. ps-they loved it, pics show it all... pre-eating fret vs. after consumption smiles!)

CHOO-CHI | so close, so tasty, and they can make it HOT
Picante's | best huevos rancheros in town. where I learned to love drinking coffee and eating chips & salsa
Wataburger | only in Tejas, better at 2AM if you have the patience to wait in line
Josie's | oh Josie... you and your burritos
Schlozsky's | they don't have them in VA
ps. I miss mexican food, Texas style (probably obvious by my list)

The Grit | Athens staple for all
Jot-em-Down | (remembering being a meat eater) THIS is my favorite BBQ of ALL TIME... ANYWHERE!
Thai Spoon | thinkin' about their basil roll currently
Lucky Wings | GI-NORMOUS tenders, great for 2AM visits too!
Taco Stand | remember I said cheap and tasty
Little Italy | their subs can NOT be beat.
Transmetropolitan | yummy, and are open and servin' beer on Sunday
Cali & Titos | (the former Caliente Cab, in a new location...I think) my adolescent introduction into now what is a mature addiction to cuban food and plantains in general
Schlozsky's | yup, had em in GA too, but not in VA

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Sarah Holt said...

No shame in missing Lubbock. Most people here can't imagine living there let alone missing it. They just don't know any better, bless their hearts.