Apr 5, 2010

here comes the herd

So I promised more cows, and now I deliver. As I mentioned we stayed with a friend-of- the-bands parent's this weekend outside of Harrisonburg VA, who live on a DAIRY FARM!!! Soooooo, as soon as I woke up Sat morning I was making friends with the locals. Cows are some of my favorite animals, (their unethical treatment is one reason that I choose not to eat them) I must say they somehow remind me of Cotton, and they are so dang curious! The babies were timid of me when I first introduced myself, but as soon as one trusted me, they were all wondering what I was up to, and ready to greet me. It seemed to follow suit for the big ones as well.

More baby cows to come!

This past weekend the band and I were in Harrisonburg VA to play at MACRocK!! and on Friday night after the festival we stayed at a dairy farm! Cows are some of my favorite animals, so I had a blast photographing the curious creatures on Sat morning... more to come, I promise!

Mar 18, 2010

people of zee world... relax!

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I started my spring break with a weekend trip to Austin TX. I had an awesome time soaking in the Texas sun, and catching up on some reading during my flights that has been of late, pushed to the side for the more academic flavor. I also had a chance to try out my iphone app, the HIPSTAMATIC. I, being the sucker for any type of camera especially the HOLGA-esque, LOVE this application that brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras. The hipstamatic lets you switch between lens, film, and even flashes to get that perfect instant image.

To see more images visit my flickr site.
Post title comes from, Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates, the Tom Robbins book that I am currently reading… it seemed appropriate.
ps. its a good one!

Mar 16, 2010


I am enjoying my first spring break in many, many years. I spent the first weekend in Austin TX celebrating my sisters bachelorette weekend with 15 other beautiful women, and we had a blast! I will post some images from the extravaganza as soon as I get them downloaded, but I thought I would share this in the meantime. Yesterday, Kyle picked me up from the airport and took me to a wonderful seafood dinner in Virginia Beach ... Yes, once in a blue moon, or when at the ocean, I eat seafood, and love it. He gave me this old picture that he found while cleaning up an old cash register at the antique store where he works. He knew I would love it, and I do. What a great image.

click on the image to see it larger

Mar 11, 2010

SPRING! Stick around awhile, please!

It instantly turned into spring here in Richmond this past weekend, and I hope it sticks around. The winter days were so dreary, and I begged them to pass rapidly, now I want time to virtually stand still, I'm trying desperately hard to soak in every single ounce of spring sunlight that I can. Isn't it strange how there are so many ways that you can literally feel spring. One of my favorite reminders is every morning when I leave our apartment, although still a little chilly, it just smells different... also reminds me that my b-day is right around the corner, kinda.

Before moving to Richmond, I started looking around and thinking about the possibility of making my primary mode of transportation a scooter. Upon moving here, I found that there is a HUGE scooter community fueled by the best scooter store in the country SCOOT RICHMOND, a great store, owned and operated by an amazing woman, and scooter fanatic, Chelsea. So I bought one in December, a Buddy 125 (in white), and I fell instantly in love. Needless to say the scooter days have been far and in between considering the rough winter we had this year, although I did get in some 30 degree rides. Since then Kyle has also become an addict to the feeling of riding a scooter, and 2 months ago purchased a used Vespa ET4, which he just picked up last weekend! Needless to say that is what we have been doing since spring arrived 4 days ago, with many scooter perfect days in front of us, there is no slowing us down now!

I took this photo of our scooter family with a new iphone app called HIPSTAMATIC! which I actually paid for. For any camera fanatic this is a must! You are able to switch between film, lenses, and flashes!
ps. I never paid for app but this one was TOTALLY worth it.

Feb 26, 2010


1315 floyd, second floor, front bathroom tile