Mar 11, 2010

SPRING! Stick around awhile, please!

It instantly turned into spring here in Richmond this past weekend, and I hope it sticks around. The winter days were so dreary, and I begged them to pass rapidly, now I want time to virtually stand still, I'm trying desperately hard to soak in every single ounce of spring sunlight that I can. Isn't it strange how there are so many ways that you can literally feel spring. One of my favorite reminders is every morning when I leave our apartment, although still a little chilly, it just smells different... also reminds me that my b-day is right around the corner, kinda.

Before moving to Richmond, I started looking around and thinking about the possibility of making my primary mode of transportation a scooter. Upon moving here, I found that there is a HUGE scooter community fueled by the best scooter store in the country SCOOT RICHMOND, a great store, owned and operated by an amazing woman, and scooter fanatic, Chelsea. So I bought one in December, a Buddy 125 (in white), and I fell instantly in love. Needless to say the scooter days have been far and in between considering the rough winter we had this year, although I did get in some 30 degree rides. Since then Kyle has also become an addict to the feeling of riding a scooter, and 2 months ago purchased a used Vespa ET4, which he just picked up last weekend! Needless to say that is what we have been doing since spring arrived 4 days ago, with many scooter perfect days in front of us, there is no slowing us down now!

I took this photo of our scooter family with a new iphone app called HIPSTAMATIC! which I actually paid for. For any camera fanatic this is a must! You are able to switch between film, lenses, and flashes!
ps. I never paid for app but this one was TOTALLY worth it.

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